List Of Creative Term Paper Ideas For Philosophy Students

Philosophy is a tricky subject. You can mentally examine its themes for several lifetimes and never quite grasp the gist of them. This makes it a great field of study if you enjoy mental exercise. It should be noted that you are better off studying it for the love of it rather than the promise of financial gain. There is precious little to be had unless you enter the field to teach it to other students who will then do the same if they want to earn a living thus continuing the cycle.

To be able to qualify for such positions, you need exceptional grades. This means that if you are completing a term paper, you need to have a topic in mind that is outstandingly original. If that is your intention brainstorm carefully as soon as possible and success will be yours. Try the following ideas for inspiration:

  1. Can the self truly be known?
  2. If this universe is just a holographic representation of thought, which one of us is thinking?
  3. Would society have evolved differently if we had adopted a binary system of counting rather than denary?
  4. Does everything need an opposite or could happiness exist in the absence of despair?
  5. Is the Big Bang any more scientific an explanation for the origins of the universe than the gradual bubbling over of the Giant Spaghetti Monster’s pot?
  6. Why have single celled creatures not evolved more complexity?
  7. Did the adoption of a standard measure of time result in a distinct drop in creativity around the world?
  8. Should humanity be encouraged to colonize other worlds considering the mess we are making of our own?
  9. Can the process we currently call ‘education’ be relabeled more accurately as ‘society programming’?
  10. Is there more to be gained from the admiration or fear from people you must interact with on a daily basis?
  11. If an action does not occur in the absence of an observer, how can we observe the results of it?
  12. Is infinity a constant or are there infinite versions of it from which we could infinity chose?
  13. Are we more a product of the cumulative experiences we have met with in our lives or the DNA passed down to us?
  14. To what extent is insanity similar or even identical to infinite power to innovate?
  15. What is the true origin of fear?